About Us

Thanks for your interest in HopHead Events – we are an Event Planning and Promotions Company.  We also organize, plan and manage Corporate events on any scale.  Our Focus is simple; the experience of our event attendee. Everyone leaves our events feeling satisfied and this is of critical importance to our entire team.

Steve Hall is the man behind HopHead Events but don’t kid yourself none of this would be possible without his team. The company was started in 2008 and has grown year over year since inception. Our mission is simple – help people have fun. Life is too stressful with work and obligations and sometimes we need to unwind. We are here to make sure you unwind, better.



  • Event Planning
  • Site Discovery and Securing of Venues
  • Contract Negotiations with Vendors
  • Discount Pricing with our Partners
  • Promotion Products including Hats, Shirts etc you name it
  • Private Corporate Event Planning from Start to Finish
  • Craft Beer Service for Large or Small Events from your big family party to a large Fair or Festival
    • Draft Beer Service ON SITE
  • Craft Beer Buying Service for your business – stay current and don’t miss out.
    • We can be sure your establishment is top on the allocation list for big realeases from DAY ONE. We levergage our power as a marketing firm to help you.
  • Support for other events such as;
    • Onsite Medical Support
    • General Support for Bike Races and Running Events
    • Volunteer Management
    • Many services are free to the event in exchange for advertising